‘Id Al-Adha Prayers and Brunch



The Open Mosque is extending a historic invitation to all Muslim women to celebrate the end of the hajj pilgrimage this weekend. On Sunday, 5th October 2014 at 9am, the Open Mosque warmly welcomes all female worshippers as full and equal participants. While it is common for most Muslim women throughout South Africa to remain at home and not attend ‘Id al-Adha prayers, this pernicious form of gender apartheid was not sanctioned by the Prophet Muhammad himself. For the first time, Muslim women will be at the centre stage and heart of ‘Id devotions in a mosque.

 Unlike other Muslim places of prayer in Cape Town, at the Open Mosque women will not enter through separate doorways nor will they be hidden behind barriers, walls and screens. In the Open Mosque, females will have full parity and public visibility with male worshipers and will not be confined to a minute portion of the mosque. Indeed, they will form an integral part of the service and the day’s joyous proceedings.  In this respect, the Open Mosque is an exact replica of the Prophet Muhammad’s original mosque in Madinah where there were neither female-only entrances nor any gender partitions. Following the congregational prayers and sermon on Sunday, a hearty Eid brunch will be afterwards be served to all congregants and our guests for other faiths and none

 The Open Mosque is proud to be in the forefront of restoring the authentic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad by promoting a pristine Islam that is egalitarian, erudite and enlightened. We do not subscribe to an Islam that has been contaminated and corrupted over the ages.

 We look forward to welcoming you and your family to celebrate ‘Id al-Adha this Sunday, Inshallah.