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The battle for the hearts & minds of Muslims

Wednesday, 10th January 2018 @ 7pm • cnr. Cloetenberg / Lourensford Roads


Dr Taj Hargey, the Founder and President of the Open Mosque, has been invited by the Freethinkers Association of Cape Town to discuss stereotypical misconceptions about contemporary Islam. His scholarly dissection of the faith will provide underlying historical and theological context so that non-Muslims can understand what is truly happening within Islamic society today. Without a sound comprehension of the theological distortions and the scriptural warping that occurred over the past millennium to replace the original core principles of the creed with an un-Qur’anic empowerment of a despotic,monopolistic and a closed-minded Islamic clergy to brainwash the Muslim masses, most outsiders will not grasp the sad reality within Islam today. Muslims and others will beincapable of effectively tackling the root causes of intolerance, violence, sexism, bigotry, etc within populist Islam. This address is a frank and honest expose of where the modern manifestations in Islam have gone wrong.